Sniff out some gratitude

Gratitude practice is actually a sensory experience. Think about it:

We “see” the beauty around us.

We “hear” sounds of nature and loving words

We “taste” powerful food that connects us to the earth.

We “feel” power, health and even the breath in our body.

But what about “smell?” When have you associated scents with gratitude? I promise, you are missing out if you neglect this sneaky sense.

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The easiest (and best) last minute gift for Mother's Day

In a bind? Don't know what to get or just got too busy? Better yet, your own kids are asking you what you want for Mother's Day and you don't know what to tell them? 

No sweat, I've got you covered and studies back me up that this is a gift of high value.

Give me a few minutes of your time and we can wrap Mother's Day 2018 up in a special bow and call it the best one yet. 

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Everyone needs a quickie...

Ok, not that kind of quickie but I like the way you are thinking...I was thinking more along the lines that we all need a quick blog post sometimes so this will be one. And we sure as hell all need a quick way to get more good gratitude juice into our lives every day so here's one of those too...

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Do you need a Monday makeover?

We get makeovers of our faces, our homes, our wardrobes...I think I even saw an ad for a Mama Makeover (not sure how you makeover the most perfect thing ever if I must say so myself!) All of these things to make something that has gotten seemingly drab and boring to us, new and exciting. Why not a Monday makeover? I mean, have you ever heard anyone say, "Thank goodness it's Monday?" instead of Friday...NO! No, we are ever grateful for Fridays. We give it so much love and respect. And who can argue with that? But why can't we use gratitude to makeover Mondays? I mean I'm all in, Mondays need some rebranding and I'm here to help.

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How to become a badass at finding joy (Part 1)

Some disclaimers off the bat:

1. Yes, I really mean become a badass at finding joy. I That means being really good but also being fierce. No matter what happens, you keep going. You pick yourself up and find it again. And NO ONE gets in your way. Yep, a true badass.

2. I used to be so far from being a badass at this. So far that I have suffered depression, the kind that stops you in your tracks, keeps you unable to function and makes you question why you are even here. So far that I would constantly strive to be something I was not, envy constantly got the best of me and my mind's negative chatter ruled the roost. So if I can learn how to be one, so can you.

3. The truth is I am writing a whole book on this so there is no way I think I can explain how to be a badass in one post or even in one sitting. But I thought we could at least start. 

So now that we have the record straight, let's move on. When someone like me learns how to be a badass at finding joy, it's clear that the lessons can be learned, right? So, let's get on with it...

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Make Hope your daily neuroplasticity workout

As a physician healer, I often hear the phrases, "Don't get their hopes up" from other docs trying to convey that we must be realistic with patients. (Of course we do, but bear with me here.) Or from patients, "I don't want to get my hopes up, doctor" lest they be shattered. Do you hear what I hear behind these statements? Fear, a whole lot of fear. We don't want to have "false hope"...we don't want to get too excited for something that might not happen.

But today I am going to break down why I think this is the wrong way to approach life. And it's not because I think you get everything you want or put out to the universe. No, I can vouch that life does not always turn out the way you expected. And that it is a total bummer when it doesn't. But this fear-based way of living is shattering your ability to live fully. It's time to release it and I am going to break down exactly why and how. 

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Put your mind to least the negative part of it!

It is estimated that we have somewhere between 12-60000 thoughts/day. That's up to 1.44 thoughts/second. And that 80% of those thoughts are negative. That’s a whole lot of negative all day. No one can actually find the exact studies to prove those numbers. It seems the numbers are just re-quoted often enough that we believe them. But in my experience of seeing thousands of patients (and being a human myself!), I can believe it. Maybe you can relate. It can feel like you are walking around with a really toxic person speaking in demeaning language all day except that the toxic person is actually you! 

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Just 15 minutes a week could change your life

If I told you there was one thing you could do every week that would make you happier, wouldn't you think it was worth giving it a try? It will take about 15 minutes of your time, I would explain. A small investment for a big payoff, if you ask me. I was reminded of this exercise this week when someone did it for me and I remembered how good it felt to be on the both the doing and the receiving end. I also remembered that there were studies to back it up and so went to the effort to research it again and am bringing it to you here this week. So let's get ready to transform your week ahead and take charge of your own well-being!

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How one simple exercise can transform your day

Let's get back to basics this week. Especially for those days when you feel like there's little to be grateful for. How do you reset? How do you support yourself and bring the power of gratitude back into your day and into your lives? This one simple exercise will be the one you may use most often. It's so simple that it will seem too easy but its power is magnificent.

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These three simple rules of communication will change every relationship you have

I am so grateful that years ago, my mentor taught me what she called The Three Laws of  Spiritual Communication. She explained that these rules would help inform all of my relationships.  I felt like she was making a pretty big claim but I kept an open mind. It is very possible you have heard them repeated by others. I seem to hear them everywhere now. But I had no idea how right she was. I use these rules at work, at home, in almost every setting. And they have made a huge difference for me so I wanted to share them with you here today. Let's break them down in real life practical ways and have some fun with them!

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You need this one, simple tool on your hardest days, try it now!

Now, let's get this straight. There is no way around it. Some days are hard, I mean really hard. Maybe you have stress at work. Maybe something really painful happens in your family. Maybe you are experiencing problems with your marriage. And on and on, Life just gets hard sometimes. So, in those situations you can feel powerless. But I want you to take some power back. When we feel small and powerless, we are in a lower energy state. You may have heard people refer to this as a low vibration. I know it can sound weird but it is true. When we are in a state like this, we can feel stuck and whatever is happening around us feels even more challenging. But I want you to try this one tool during those kind of days! It's free, accessible anytime, and has no risky side effects, so why not?

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