The one New Year's ritual I won’t go into 2019 without

It’s almost 2019! And I’ve got a new year’s ritual for YOU. Seriously, you cannot miss this one. It’s my new ritual as of last year and I’m putting it together for you again because it’s that important. Use it, soak in it, make it yours and watch the magic! Go to my blog to learn more about it and make this year your best one yet! I’m so grateful to have spent this year with you and can’t wait to see what happens next!

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One simple thing can help you make healthier eating choices

Just in time for the new year!

Yep, you know it, it’s Gratitude.

Ok, seriously, by now, you know I'm the "Gratitude Lady" and anyway, it’s Thankful Thursday.

I think it's pretty much the key to happiness but EVEN I was surprised by this new study.

A new study showed that expressing gratitude (in the form of gratitude letters) could result in adolescents and young adults choosing healthier food!


It was just 30 minutes a week on average. And they ate healthier.

And that was regardless of whether they thanked someone who had helped them as related to health, academics or just someone who was kind to them.

And guess what? When we eat healthier, we are HAPPIER

Not only because the food makes us feel better but because we're also proud of ourselves for achieving that goal.

What I find really crazy is that this means how we feel about others matters for how we treat ourselves!

Seriously, read that twice because it's BIG. 

So, if eating better is part of your new year's plan, think about pairing it with gratitude like a fine wine. It's going to make everything go down better. 

Live well,


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Don't miss this one simple step to elevate your gratitude practice

On this Thankful Thursday, our blog goodness will coincide with Happiness Nugget #6. And what better nugget to do today than Gratitude? One of my fav happiness gems ever as you know!

What if you’ve been trying to practice gratitude and it’s not quite giving you the juicy goodness you hoped for? You’re writing in your journal, you’re looking for your “grate-fuls” every day but you want more? Today’s for YOU.

What if you’re doing it right but you could do it even better? Who wouldn’t want that right?

Well, let me tell you about a study they did at USC that showed why the real prize is in the DETAILS. Yep, the details.

Here’s how it went down…

They took 3 groups for 10 weeks and had them do 3 different things each night:

Group 1: wrote down 5 things they were grateful for

Group 2: picked one thing they were grateful for and wrote 5 sentences about why they were grateful for that one thing

Group 3: wrote ways they were better off than someone else

And what happened?

Group 2 who got more specific, used more details…felt happier, more alert and less lethargic than the other 2 groups.

So, let’s try it, right here, you and me.

Let’s say, I come home and write in my journal that I’m grateful for my husband, my kids, my job, my parents and my friends. That’s nice and it helps me for sure.

But let’s check out the difference when I take one of them and get more nitty gritty.

I’ll pick my husband…

  1. I’m grateful he always tries to make me laugh every day no matter what.

  2. I’m grateful he hugs me so much.

  3. I’m grateful he is so kind and thoughtful to my parents and siblings.

  4. I’m grateful he loves being a dad so much that he genuinely loves caring for our kids, spending time with them and would fight tooth and nail for them to feel valued in this world.

  5. I’m grateful he never, ever makes me feel guilty for pursuing my dreams. In fact, he is my number one fan, always, no matter what.

Alright, now, I’m going to be real with you. I was tearing up writing that and I’ve got those juicy good warm fuzzies running all through my body.

Now, that really worked!

So, from now on, when you practice gratitude, make sure you’re getting Detailed and Specific.

Supercharge your practice by getting real with yourself.

You’ll feel better, be more focused and will soar through your day.

Live well,


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4 simple steps to manage that frustrating family member…just in time for the holidays

Do you…?

-stay up at night stressing out about someone in your family?

-worry about how you will solve the dysfunction before the next holiday gathering?

-find yourself thinking constantly about how you were wronged, yet again, by them?

Then this week’s post is for you.

This week’s post will show you how I ended this stress in four simple steps.

Read on and change how you look at any family relationship that is keeping you up at night.

And better yet, share it with your family or at least two friends you love so they can change their life too!

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Put the Thanks Back in Thanksgiving!

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of you for reading, sharing and being on this journey of Gratitude with me.

In return, I want to reprise my favorite three posts to transform your day today with family and friends.

I promise, you will have a more meaningful holiday if you incorporate just one of these rituals or frameworks.

Have a beautiful holiday and I hope you feast on love and gratitude as well!

The posts that will change your entire holiday:

  1. A way to make the entire day from cooking to eating more sacred:

How Just One Meal Can Make You Grateful For A Lifetime

2. Ways to maximize the act of Gratitude this Thanksgiving (including the Gratitude Jar

exercise which will be the best thing you do today with your family:

Don’t Waste Your Thanksgiving Dinner

3. Especially if it’s been a hard year, the ONE question that can transform the way you

see your past challenges with a Gratitude lens:

Supercharge your Gratitude Practice With This One Simple Question

Live well,


P.S. Share these tools with someone you love today to show how grateful you are for their presence in your life!

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Listening to this for 15 minutes will transform your Thanksgiving holiday

Last year, Bill Radke interviewed me on our local NPR station about Gratitude practice for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. But here’s the catch. We talked about being thankful for what we DON’T want in our lives. Yep, what we don’t want.

So, I’m doing a throwback Thursday to this #thankful Thursday last year and giving you a gift of a new perspective for this holiday season.

Start in at the 33:00 mark and enjoy!

Listen here for the show!

Live well,

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Why I am grateful today for rock bottom

These are the faces of hope. No matter what side of party or political lines you stand on, these are faces of a new frontier, one that says that America will move towards a representation that represents what America really consists of.

The FIRST Indigenous Congresswomen ever! Ever…think about that! After over two centuries of elected officials to Congress, these are the first Indigenous women to be there to speak up for our communities.

The FIRST Muslim Women in Congress and one in a hijab! Yes!

The FIRST African American Women sent to Congress EVER by Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The Youngest woman ever at the age of 29!

And on and on, a long line of hope.

So, today I give gratitude to the universe because sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom, it takes desperate fear for big change to happen. No matter what the outcome is in the next two years, no matter what political events take place, there is change. There is engagement.

This week, I am using the image of my favorite flower often, that of a lotus. A flower, so radiant in its beauty, but one that unbelievably rises from the mud. Such beauty from such challenge. That is how I liken this feeling today.

I heard just this week that a writer long ago described Hope in parallel to a long dirt path in the countryside. At first there is nothing. But then enough people walk back and forth and…a path appears. And so as these new change leaders walk back and forth in front of me, as they walk the path, my hope appears.

May we all, regardless of where our political beliefs sit, be able to revel in the hope that this new wave of women leaders bring as they walk before us…

Live well,

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These two simple steps will transform even your biggest challenge into JOY

Halloween seemed doomed last year. It was the first time that my middle son couldn’t walk at all. He has DMD, a degenerative neuromuscular condition, and had been declining quickly over the last couple of years. And this was it, the Halloween we had dreaded, the one where he couldn’t even stand at a door to get candy even if we carried him up the stairs to the house. He was distraught, “How will Halloween work for me Mama?” I was not sure, that was the truth. I agreed with him. This was so very sad. It was always a much anticipated holiday for my family and now, it seemed to be something to dread.

Until…we moved into the world of what was POSSIBLE instead of what seemed impossible.

Two simple steps moved us into a different world, one where we saw things with new eyes and let me tell you, this was a world you would rather live in.

I am guessing if you are human like me, you have felt the weight of a moment when life seemed to be giving you too much to manage. There isn’t a way to make this work, we often think. But these two simple steps can be the start to a new way to live through those challenges. So let’s dive in!

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A poem for all the parents out there...

Today is my youngest child’s birthday and I am feeling grateful and nostalgic all at the same time. I pull out poetry often when my heart needs words to match its stirring emotions. And this one by David Whyte is for all of us who love our child, knowing that s/he is loved and parented by bigger forces than just ours. To all of those ancestral and future energies, I give gratitude for your walking with myself and my daughter on this path. I hope this poem touches you today as deeply as it does me.

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