5 Good Things You Need To See This Week, Trust Me...


Let’s face it, the world can feel pretty dark these days. No matter what side of the political arena you stand, there is enough drama and pain to go around. I have done major news fasts for most of this year but somehow in the last month, I have been feasting again and whoa, the news can be a doozie these days! So, if you are like me, and feeling down about it regularly, you may be trying to pick yourself up. I sure am. And when I do that, I use gratitude in BIG doses and I also just need to flood my senses with good and fun things. So this week, as a break from heaviness of any kind, I am sharing five things that have made me smile and lightened my load.

I hope they serve you as well as a way to celebrate the good in the world. And even more importantly all of them offered a way to amplify their awesomeness this week by inspiring me to follow in their footsteps. So here we go…

1. Dance, Dance, Dance

When my body feels heavy, I crave movement and my favorite kind is dance. This video made me smile so long and wide. And even better was when my son and I spent an evening copying the choreography in our living room. And this is my son in a wheelchair, he’s got the moves! Trust me on this one, this will change your whole evening around! If you aren’t in a good mood after watching it, I want to know!

2. Get out of your box

I went to my son’s curriculum night this week at his middle school. You only get 10 minutes with each teacher so you don’t expect to be dazzled but hope to get a glimpse into your child’s day. But I walked into my son’s history class, was greeted by a very young, nice enough man and then realized he was more than that. He was a teacher who understood that history needs to be told by multiple perspectives, that there are always more sides to the story and specifically, on this night, he upheld the need to tell the stories of Native Americans and enslaved Africans, the history of this country. He made me laugh, he gave me hope and he reminded me that we do not have to be defined by the box we are given.

3. Sometimes humans do really care

Check out this dose of serious cuteness! Let me know if it makes your heart melt as much as it did mine. This poor turtle needed help and Legos came to the rescue! And if you live with any Lego lovers like I do, show this to them and watch them smile, that might have been even better.

4. Fairies are actually real

I walked into my office at the end of the day and there were three books stacked on my desk. Not medical books though. A trilogy of books, The Broken Earth, by a rock star author named N. K. Jemison that have won every award and rocked the Sci-Fi/Fantasy world. So I had a simple conversation with a work colleague this week about how I want to read her work, how she had read them and LOVED them (probably the fifth glowing recommendation I have gotten for her in the last 2 weeks!) and so she brought her trilogy for me to borrow.

There are so many pieces of goodness to this one. I mean, first of all, I and my family are about to get to know an amazing author. But think of what an act of kindness this was. When someone thinks of you, takes the effort to bring you something you want, and all…just because…that’s a piece of magic in your day. Fairy dust sprinkled all over your desk, just because.

Reminded me too of how simple acts of kindness can shift one’s day. See if you can perform one this week. Doesn’t have to be big. Try it on! In the meantime, I will be reading my books!

5. And when all else fails, lose yourself in clean, good TV

The truth is I RARELY get to watch TV. Too busy and then also we purposely have the TV in a part of the house we have to make an effort to get to. But lately my whole family has enjoyed this show and it is actually one that all five of us can enjoy. It’s clean, there’s no made up drama, and it’s fun to watch—The Great British Baking Show. They make amazing food, we get attached to the characters and we get inspired to make some pretty cool stuff. I now make a herb fougasse (sounds fancy, right?) from the show every Friday. It’s becoming a house ritual. And the best part? For the hour of one episode, I lose myself completely in baking, icing, kneading, and creating. Much better than the news these days.

So, there you have it. Just five things that made me smile in the past week when I really needed them. Share freely and let’s spread some positive energy around!

And please do let me know what made you smile this week. What you are grateful passed in front of your senses. I can’t get too much goodness, that’s for sure!

Live well,


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