A reservoir of compassion is ALWAYS with you


I have been practicing a compassion meditation in the last month that has been very powerful for me so I wanted to share. I heard someone offer it. (It's driving me crazy, but I cannot remember where!) I share that mostly so you know this is not a meditation I designed but one I gratefully adapted...Compassion is a critical part of my daily ritual. As a physician, I strive to be a compassionate clinician but it is an intention and not always one I can feel perfect with. Before clinic every day, I hold a jade Kuan Yin (Buddhist goddess of compassion) figurine on my stethoscope and say a meditation/prayer to have compassion for those I will care for and when I do not have enough, to have compassion for myself. But what DO you do when you don't have enough compassion? Where do you turn?

Lately I have been turning to the reservoir of compassion around me, the well of compassion in this world, through this meditation.

I first attend to my breath. In and out, the breath as it is.

Then, I imagine the breath coming in and out from my heart space. In and out, my heart expanding and contracting with each breath. 

Then, visualize either someone I feel compassionate for or a role in my life in which I want compassion to take hold which for me might be mother, physician, etc but can vary for all of us. 

Visualizing that, the breath goes in and out.

Breathing in compassion as fuel, to fill my heart space.

Breathing compassion out to the world around me, like a gift. 

Compassion going in and out with the breath.

All the while, developing the knowing that there is a large, endless reservoir of compassion around me to draw from (a comforting thought that it is always there).

All the while realizing that compassion is so much bigger than any suffering or angst that I may have. 

Compassion is fuel, compassion is a gift. Compassion with every breath.

And it is always there for me. I can access it any time.

I share this gift with you if it can be your companion at all. In a few seconds of the day, or longer minutes when you have, to dwell on it.

I have been so grateful for the comfort of compassion not just within me, but around me, holding me. I hope it can be a gift for you today. 

Live well,



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