An oldie but goodie, get that jar out



This week, I have been reminiscing about one of my first posts so long ago, a tried and true tool I use...a gratitude jar. It's a sure way to make gratitude a bigger part of your life and your family or work routine. And anyway, don't tell me you don't have too many jars laying around your home! Let's get them put to use.

Our family has one in our main room. It's a jar with pieces of paper next to it. Anyone can scribble down a "grateful" anytime and then on a set day of the week (for us it's on the weekend), we open up those folded, magical reminders of all the good in our lives. Especially all the simple goodness, like Legos, ladybugs or cuddles with our dog. There is no grateful too small for the jar. Especially when they are gratitude for each other.

You can have one at work or home, one at special feasts or holidays. 

Put your gratitude in a jar and the jar will fill up with goodness for you.

Remember, we are wired to look for the bad. It's how we have survived. But YOU have the power to change that. You can rewire your brain to remember all the good. And this tool is a sure way to do that, day in and day out. 

Even better, it is a group reminder because you do it with others. And connecting over gratitude is even better than solo gratitude. (What's not better with others anyway?) I do this at home, we do it at work and you can do it starting today. 

Remember that our thoughts are just the stories we tell ourselves. 

And you can change these stories by looking for beauty and simple joys.

When life feels hard, reach into this jar and find a different story.

I would LOVE to hear how it works for you. Or if you already use one! 

Live well,