Detox your life, from your thoughts to your closets!


This week's dose of gratitude medicine is my interview for the free summit, "Detox your Life, Release Toxins, Restore your Vitality and Create a Life You Love." The summit started last week and my interview is TODAY! It will only be available for a couple of days.

So, click here and go watch me TODAY!

It is a very fun half hour talking about the power of gratitude and what I call the biology of hope. 

The host, Ana Jahromi Merritt, has 20+ experts participating in this global event, offering inspiration, information and practical tips by sharing their stories as well as offering you FREE gifts to help you on your journey of healing, joyful health and vibrant living.

When Ana told me that this interview series was all about helping people CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE, I was hooked and excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you. This virtual interview series is for anyone looking for new insight, tools and techniques to DETOX YOUR LIFE, starting today.

I get a lot of invitations to participate in virtual events and I choose them wisely because I want to ensure that I’m adding value to your life.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn how to detox your life from your thoughts to your closets! So join us today and give yourself the gift of a more vital perspective. 

See you over there!

Live well,

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