DO NOT let Fall pass by without doing this


Let’s start this with a HUGE disclosure, Fall is my LEAST favorite season. Yep, you heard it. Least favorite. I seem to be the odd person out on this one. All around me people are saying how they are enjoying the cooler days, the colors, the coziness of fall. Nope, not me. I mourn the end of summer every year and resist fall. I am convinced the reason is grounded in Ayurveda, East Indian Traditional Medicine, which I have studied and practice. (If you are interested in learning how to care for yourself as the seasons change, let me know in the comments below because Ayurveda is my answer to all transitions going more smoothly!) Anyway, from an Ayurvedic perspective, the exact qualities of fall increase my most predominant dosha (or body type) and cause some nervous energy, even anxiety, and feeling of not being grounded when you are out of balance. And that is EXACTLY what happens to me in Fall if I am not mindful and caring for myself.

So, you may wonder then how and why I would say we should embrace Fall? Well, for one, if you have read any of my blogs or watched my TED talk, you know that I feel that resistance is the root of all suffering. So even though I want to so badly resist Fall, I come around within a few days and completely embrace it so that I don’t have to suffer and so that I can be grateful for what is, not for what I wish were here.

And when I do that and STOP and look around, I see something amazing. I see life lessons in nature around me as She transitions to this next season. When I stop, look and PAY ATTENTION, I see that Fall can teach me so much about life and what I need right now to cultivate JOY.

So, let’s break it down. Because I know you want Joy, right? I am going to show you why Fall is such a Master Teacher and then a short exercise I do as much as possible this season to get all its juicy goodness flowing through me!

Fall is the Master of Letting Go.

You know that right? You see it every day. If you walk outside and pay attention, the trees are so smoothly letting go of their leaves. Of their leaves! Think about it. They worked so hard to make those leaves after a long winter and now they just LET THEM GO.

The trees don’t struggle like you do.

They release and they surrender.

What would it be like if you could just let go of something weighing you down right now?

A heavy emotion?

A grudge?

A regret?

A way of being that does not serve you any longer?

What if you could just relax, let down your resistance like the trees and shake all that depleting crap off?

You think you need it. You think you need it to make change. You think you need it to be who you are. But none of that is true. You need none of it. It has coursed through you all year and now it is time to LET IT GO.

So, get out as much as you can this Fall. Take as many walks as you can among the trees. And next time, look up and pay attention.

And if you are so moved, do this exercise:

  1. Stop, look up, acknowledge the sacred presence of the trees around you. And inhale their powerful energy.

  2. Close your eyes and sense them looking back down on you lovingly.

  3. Take some deep cleansing breaths and know you are among Master Teachers.

  4. Look back at the trees and notice.

  5. Notice how they CHANGE their colors so easily.

  6. Notice how they Release their leaves so gracefully.

  7. Notice how they do all of this without struggle or conflict.

  8. Now sit or stand among the trees, whatever is most comfortable. Keep your gaze on them or close your eyes, whatever is most powerful and grounding.

  9. And think about what you need to LET GO. What no longer serves you?

  10. Feel where your body is most tense when you consider this and breathe into that area until you feel any softening. When you notice a softening, acknowledge and thank your body for gracefully accepting whatever change it is able to do today.

  11. Continue to do this today and every day this season that you can until you feel an unburdening of what you carry around.

We can learn so much from Nature and its Master Teachers.

We can learn so much about ourselves and what we need if we cycle with the seasons instead of against them.

Believe me, as much as I want to resist Fall, I am grateful for Her wisdom and Her reminding me that it is time for me to let go. It is time for Change.

Live well,

Tanmeet Sethi2 Comments