Don't just throw these words around


"You mean (It means) more to me than I can say...."

Sound familiar?

Ok, I get it. It makes sense. It means something or someone is more meaningful to you than you can express. You are so overcome with gratitude that you are speechless. 

It happens.

It happened to me this week.

This time it was at work. 

But I'm tired of saying that. Why can't we "Say" how much this person or thing means? Why can't we at least try?

The more specific we can be about our gratitude, the more it resonates in our minds, our hearts and makes us FEEL BETTER.

The more specific we can be, the more that another person gets to hear how they have impacted our lives in a positive way which makes THEM feel better.

Studies have shown this but I care more about real life than studies and guess what, it works in real life?

Why keep all these good jujus to yourself?

So, this week when I said it, I followed it up with specifics.

Exactly why the people I work with are a source of gratitude.

Exactly why they give me joy.

I told them how they create an environment of both inspiration and comfort for me.

And you know what, it felt good. Really good.

So good that I want more of it. 

That’s how gratitude works. It creates an ongoing cycle of goodness.

I want to be more specific with others. 
I want to tell them why I'm grateful. 

Life's too short to keep it all to yourself.

So, next time you say that, think about it again...

Why can't you "say" how much this person means?

Go ahead, try.

Just Say It. 

Let me know how it feels!

Live well,


Tanmeet SethiComment