Don't miss this one simple step to elevate your gratitude practice


On this Thankful Thursday, our blog goodness will coincide with Happiness Nugget #6. And what better nugget to do today than Gratitude? One of my fav happiness gems ever as you know!

What if you’ve been trying to practice gratitude and it’s not quite giving you the juicy goodness you hoped for? You’re writing in your journal, you’re looking for your “grate-fuls” every day but you want more? Today’s for YOU.

What if you’re doing it right but you could do it even better? Who wouldn’t want that right?

Well, let me tell you about a study they did at USC that showed why the real prize is in the DETAILS. Yep, the details.

Here’s how it went down…

They took 3 groups for 10 weeks and had them do 3 different things each night:

Group 1: wrote down 5 things they were grateful for

Group 2: picked one thing they were grateful for and wrote 5 sentences about why they were grateful for that one thing

Group 3: wrote ways they were better off than someone else

And what happened?

Group 2 who got more specific, used more details…felt happier, more alert and less lethargic than the other 2 groups.

So, let’s try it, right here, you and me.

Let’s say, I come home and write in my journal that I’m grateful for my husband, my kids, my job, my parents and my friends. That’s nice and it helps me for sure.

But let’s check out the difference when I take one of them and get more nitty gritty.

I’ll pick my husband…

  1. I’m grateful he always tries to make me laugh every day no matter what.

  2. I’m grateful he hugs me so much.

  3. I’m grateful he is so kind and thoughtful to my parents and siblings.

  4. I’m grateful he loves being a dad so much that he genuinely loves caring for our kids, spending time with them and would fight tooth and nail for them to feel valued in this world.

  5. I’m grateful he never, ever makes me feel guilty for pursuing my dreams. In fact, he is my number one fan, always, no matter what.

Alright, now, I’m going to be real with you. I was tearing up writing that and I’ve got those juicy good warm fuzzies running all through my body.

Now, that really worked!

So, from now on, when you practice gratitude, make sure you’re getting Detailed and Specific.

Supercharge your practice by getting real with yourself.

You’ll feel better, be more focused and will soar through your day.

Live well,


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