Everyone needs a quickie...


Ok, not that kind of quickie but I like the way you are thinking...I was thinking more along the lines that we all need a quick blog post sometimes so this will be one. And we sure as hell all need a quick way to get more good gratitude juice into our lives every day so here's one of those too...

This one is so simple that it's crazy! What if every time you received any kind of compliment, you actually took it? Yep, that's it. Accept love when it's coming your way.

Say a simple thank you and allow that abundant goodness to come your way. 

You know what I mean. Don't say, "Oh, no it was nothing..." (when someone says you did a good job) or "Oh, I just usually don't look like this" (when someone says your outfit or hair look nice). No, next time, look them straight in the eye and say, "Thank you" or "Thank you for noticing." 

Muster all your strength and stop blocking the good stuff. It only blocks the good jujus. Use gratitude to help you get through it. Take the praise. Receive it. Store it in your brain and feel the goodness right then and there. Try it. Today.

Thank you. THat's all you have to say. How can you have gratitude for life if you don't give gratitude back?

Live well,