How do you start a Gratitude Practice?


Lately, more people have been asking me exactly how to make a consistent gratitude practice part of their days and lives. It seems overwhelming sometimes. Do I start with a journal, a Jar, letters, sharing with my family,....? How and what do I start with?

And today, I have the exact answer for this.

Just start.

Take one Grateful Step at a time...

Yep, just start. It doesn't matter where, it doesn't matter how. Just start. 

Let's go through your day and show you where you might choose to start so tomorrow you can pick a place. The truth is if your brain has already practiced how to do it, you will do it more easily. 

Upon awakening:

Before you even get out of bed, take a Grateful Breath. You are here, you are breathing, you have been given another day.

As you roll out of bed, take a Grateful Touch of your feet on the earth. You are gracing the Earth with your presence today, you have yet another chance today to make an impact, to find beauty, to be with those you love.

As you get your morning cup of coffee or tea, take a Grateful Moment to listen to it brew or steep, smell its aroma, feel the warm cup in your hands and know you are alive.

As you shower, be Grateful that you are standing under running water. Imagine it as a waterfall of golden light that will wash away anything you do not need today.

Through the day:

Take Grateful Pauses as you smile at others, as you receive doors opened with kindness as you interact with those who help you obtain food, clothing, and even your mail.

Take a Grateful Smile when you can and send it back with gratitude for connection and kindness.

Take a Grateful Walk in the woods or along greenery. Smell the aroma, inhale the power of nature, know that it soothes and calms your system.

Take Grateful Breaths before meetings, emails, and projects. 

In the evening:

Inhale Gratitude as you cook your evening meal. Acknowledge if you are about to share it someone you love. 

Take a Moment of Gratitude before you eat. Maybe it's to a religious presence, maybe it's to someone you love, maybe it's just to the fact you are about to have fresh food.

Pull out the Gratitude Jar if you are so inclined.

Before bed:

Write down three Grateful Things from your day.

As you rest your head down on the pillow, take a Grateful Bookend Moment to know you have just had the gift of a day, full of challenge or pain or joy, still a day to be grateful for.

And just like that, you have lived a day of GRATITUDE. 

Find your entry point, pick something easy, but JUST START.

Live well,