How I created abundance with just a few words


Creating abundance was not my goal. That would have seemed to far reaching at the time. My initial intention was just to use gratitude in a different way to acknowledge the beauty of being alive. To navigate considerable life challenge. But what I received was much greater.

The last few months had been challenging. My family has had extensive health, emotional and financial challenges along with it being the beginning of new schools for two children entailing much advocacy on my part. So, starting a couple of months ago, I woke up everyday, saying "This is a miracle," head bent, kissing the ground in front of my meditation/prayer altar. "This is a miracle." I thought of the fact that I have two feet able to walk on the earth, that I have shelter, food, a job I love, family around me. The whole bit. I found myself saying it all day, "This is a miracle," when I would see a beautiful flower, when a ladybug would grace us with a visit, when my child shared their day. I repeated it over and over. 

And in the last two weeks, after repeating this for less than a couple of months, everyday, throughout the day, a "miracle" did happen. The phrase changed without me consciously trying. Just one day, as I uttered the words, they instead came out as "This is miracle enough." 

This is miracle...enough

This: Whatever is in front of me, anything. No effort to qualify it as beautiful, joyful, challenging or tiring. All of it, all before me is a miracle. 

Miracle: The fact that we are here is extraordinary, doing what we do, giving to this world, receiving what we can. All of it is a miracle. Feeling joy, sadness, fear, triumph...All of it a miracle. 

Enough: And that is enough. Just to be here is enough. No expectation. No qualifying of what gives us joy. This is...enough.

Now, I hesitated to blog about this for two reasons. One is because it is so hard to put into words. I am not saying I am a saint who is all accepting. What I am saying is I am a human like you, who suffers like you, who rejoices like you. And by giving gratitude daily in this way, with these simple words, my heart opened to how my life is enough. It is abundant and bountiful, and it is enough.

The other reason is there has been so very much pain in the world in this last year and it feels like it has multiplied exponentially in these last few months. So, how could one create abundance when there is so much lack? Is it even fair to do so? These were questions I found myself asking. But the bliss of abundance was the answer. Feeling this allowed me to do more in the world because the feeling of lack was keeping me exhausted and down. Abundance helped me move forward and rise into the actions needed of me from this despairing world. Instead of feeling beaten down every day by this world around me, I found myself hearing it as call to action. This is how it worked for me. You, of course, would need to explore for yourself.

You see, we crave abundance daily. Abundance of love, of wealth, of goods, of success, so many things that we crave. But when we feel true abundance of life, the feeling is indescribable. One of my mentors put it into words for me. These words allowed me to feel the "bliss of existence." Just existing is enough. 

And trust me, if you can feel this bliss, for even just a few moments or days, you will give gratitude and service to the world around you many times over. 

I hope you can use the words of gratitude that ring true to you, see what can flourish from this and create your own abundance. 

Live well,

Tanmeet Sethi4 Comments