How just one meal can make you Grateful for a lifetime

One meal, just one meal.

It can be enough. More than enough. To provide an entire gratitude practice.

Today, I am going to let you in on how one meal can bring me to tears, literally, of joy for this life. 

Join me and see how you can eat your way to gratitude so bountiful you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of this life.

I will take you through the steps...And feel free to only apply the steps that are relevant to your life. 

1. I pick the food from the garden for the meal...As I pick the vegetables, I thank the wind, the sun, the rain, the soil for providing this magic of growing food that nourishes my body. 

And thus, I am connected to the Earth through my gratitude.

2. I buy ingredients and food I need from the store...As I shop and buy the food, I thank the farmers who grew the food, once again the earth that helped the food grow, the people who transported the food, those who stocked the shelves, those who now sell me the food. 

And thus, I am connected to the Earth and the communities who provide me the food through my gratitude.

3. I cut and prepare the food to be cooked...As I chop and prepare the food, I thank this life for giving me the bounty of shelter and running water to prepare the food, these working limbs that chop and stir the food, and I thank Life for giving me loved ones to whom I can serve in this act of Love.

And thus, I am connected to the bounty of what I have and what my body can do through my Gratitude.

4. I serve the food to my family and friends..As I set the table and serve the food, I thank this life for giving me others to love and the means to provide nourishment.

And thus, I am connected to my family, friends and my own heart though my Gratitude.

5. Before we eat, we have a moment of gratitude for this food, for this day, for this chance to be alive...As we prepare ourselves to eat, we take a moment for Gratitude to bring us to the present.

And thus, I am connected to the present moment through my Gratitude.

6. As we eat, we share our "gratefuls" for the day...As we eat, I thank my family for sharing their hearts with me.

And thus, as I eat, I am connected in a sacred circle to those around me.

I hope you are getting the picture. People ask me how to sustain a Gratitude Practice. 
I answer...It only takes one meal.

Live well,

Tanmeet Sethi4 Comments