How one simple exercise can transform your day


Let's get back to basics this week. Especially for those days when you feel like there's little to be grateful for. How do you reset? How do you support yourself and bring the power of gratitude back into your day and into your lives? This one simple exercise will be the one you may use most often. It's so simple that it will seem too easy but its power is magnificent.

Just come back to the breath.

It is the giver of life, literally. Now, in Western terms, we are well aware of that. If you aren't breathing, you are in trouble, right?

But most cultures and healing systems also appreciate the subtle energy of the body and how the breath plays into that. They use words like Prana in Sanskrit, Qi in Chinese or Ruah in Hebrew which means "breath of life." They all denote our life force, our spirit. 

When you are feeling lost, unsupported, down, you can also reach to this life force, to this energy that is available to you all day, all the time. 


Simple. Easy. Do it now.

  • Breathe in and Breathe out.

  • As you become aware of your breath going in and out, breathe in gratitude that you are breathing. That you have this power available to you. That you can harness it.

  • Breathe out what is stuck in your right now, what you don't need.

That fear, that sadness, that anger, breathe it all out.

(Caveat: breathing it out doesn't mean you are trying to get "rid" of it. You need to feel all of that. But when we are stuck in those emotions, they are now stagnant, they are not flowing like the breath. So when we breathe them out, we get them moving. We get them UNSTUCK. That, my friends, is the goal.)

Emotions are like energy in motion but when there's no motion left, we get in trouble.

Alright, back to our exercise. You are breathing in and out, breathing in all kinds of good juicy gratitude that you are here on this planet, that you are in this life, that you have this breath, that you took a moment to recognize it. See how good that feels. 

You are breathing out all of that stuff that is keeping you stuck in the belief that there's nothing to be grateful for. 

Yes, my lovelies, it's that simple. It's that easy. 

Come back to this over and over. I swear it will be your most used exercise. 

You can be grateful in any moment with this remembering of your life force, your spirit, your power, your ability to breathe in and out, to be here and to be aware.

Live (and breathe) well,



Tanmeet Sethi2 Comments