How to become a badass at finding joy (Part 1)


Some disclaimers off the bat:

1. Yes, I really mean become a badass at finding joy. I That means being really good but also being fierce. No matter what happens, you keep going. You pick yourself up and find it again. And NO ONE gets in your way. Yep, a true badass.

2. I used to be so far from being a badass at this. So far that I have suffered depression, the kind that stops you in your tracks, keeps you unable to function and makes you question why you are even here. So far that I would constantly strive to be something I was not, envy constantly got the best of me and my mind's negative chatter ruled the roost. So if I can learn how to be one, so can you.

3. The truth is I am writing a whole book on this so there is no way I think I can explain how to be a badass in one post or even in one sitting. But I thought we could at least start. 

So now that we have the record straight, let's move on. When someone like me learns how to be a badass at finding joy, it's clear that the lessons can be learned, right? So, let's get on with it...

Lesson #1:

Treat Joy like a dear friend.

Let me explain.

The first thing you need to understand is that Joy is real. She is as alive as it gets. So you respect the hell out of her like you would your best-est bestie. The real secret is that she is a bigger badass than you will ever be...She listens but She also has needs. She needs care. Joy is my BFF and I give her the TLC she deserves.

So, let her in anytime she knocks.

Now, that seems weird, right? Who wouldn't let Joy in? Well, let me explain. How about all those times we cannot believe things are going well and "don't want to jinx it?" Yeah, you know those times. Those "too good to be true" times.

Don't think that. When things are going well, revel in it. Bask in it. Hang with Joy anytime she asks. Joy doesn't like to be rejected. 

And always remember, she will come back.

Yep, good friends require faith and trust. Even if they aren't around, you have to believe they will come back when they are able. When Joy leaves and I feel like I am drowning in darkness, I know in my core, deep down in the well of my soul, that She will return. I keep the door open for her...with the light on. She will return when your mind and heart have moved through what they need to. She will come back when there is room for her. 

I am so grateful for this lesson.

Ok, I will stop there. One lesson feels like enough to digest today. Happy to return to more lessons if there is interest. But suffice it to say, some of you probably already are badasses and have your own lessons to share. If so, leave them for us below. And if you aren't a badass yet, I am here to give you Hope that you can become one. Share with friends who need to get to know Joy, She is a friend everyone needs...

Live well,




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