How to cure the post-vacation Monday Work Blues


You know that feeling when you have an amazing vacation and you come back to work....and it feels like the pits, even if you like your job? And in my work, maybe like yours, when you are gone, messages, to-dos, and emails that need attending to, pile up while I am gone. So then the vacation slowly feels like a dream that never happened and like you are "paying the price" when you return for all the pleasure you had. Can you relate? 

And it is a common summer phenomenon. given that we are trying to take time off to spend with family and loved ones. 

And that was my common scene this week. I came back to work after a meaningful time away and felt angst build up in my body and mind the night before that dreaded Monday morning.

Until Gratitude flipped that phenomenon upside down. Seriously. As much as I use gratitude practice, I had never intentionally used it in this scenario, mostly because I didn't want to be grateful for work. I wanted to stay in my vacation mind and wished it didn't have to end.

But this time it was different. This time I used Gratitude in a subtle yet powerfully different way. 

This time, on Monday morning, when I felt all the dread come to me, I knew I couldn't let that happen. For one, it feels crappy. But also, I had such a wonderful week that I didn't want all the dread to cancel that out. 

So instead of finding gratitude for my work, I found gratitude for my limbo like  state and my feeling like I was floating still in between two worlds, the world I was in while away and the world I was re-entering. (Now, mind you, I happen to love my job but if you don't I still think this could work wonders!) 

Every time, I felt sadness or even dread surface, I moved to a state of Gratitude:

"This heaviness I feel reminds me that what I just experienced was so special that I don't want it to end."

"This inability to settle into focus this morning is the gift of dreamlike wonder. That magic reminds me what a gift that amazing time away was."

"This privilege to feel sad about coming back to a meaningful life from a wondrous week is something to hold onto and recognize. What about this picture is not to appreciate?"

And on and on... 

What I did was use Gratitude to shift my vibrational energy. When I was feeling dread, sadness or frustration, it was shifting me into an energy from which no good could come. Neither productive focus nor an ability to find joy in the present moment. 

But whenever I shifted to the higher vibrational state of Gratitude, my whole body felt different and my heart and mind lightened. I saw the beauty of this moment in front of me and my whole day was so much more enjoyable. 

It was a simple practice that day but it had powerful effect. Try it on and let me know how it works for you.

You can also let Gratitude wash away any angst about coming back to work. The more you want your time away to continue the more you can appreciate the gift of what you have. 

Live well,



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