If you want a Gratitude Practice, then you should have put a ring on it


It's shameless but I'll bring Beyonce in to the conversation anytime I can. I can admit I have gratitude for her! But seriously, she was talking about commitment in her song and that's what I'm talking about too. If you want a gratitude practice that truly transforms your life, you need to commit. Now. 

People ask me all the time how gratitude changes your life and they are amazed. Better mood, better sleep, more satisfying relationships, and on and on. All of it sounds great, they agree. But HOW exactly do you do it? 

And you know I talk about the HOW in this blog every week, but this week I want to talk about the WHEN. 

If you want gratitude to give your life the juicy, good stuff and feel all the good jujus, you need to commit.

That means, you have to choose a gratitude tool and you have to do it every day (ok, at least most days) 

Now, that may sound hard but what if I tell you, it actually is easier? Easier than trying to do it occasionally.

Yep, you heard that right.

If you commit to a practice, it gets easier each and every day you do it.

That's because of how your brain responds. Your reward circuits love getting the good feelings gratitude gives you. Your dopamine does that magic for you and you just want more and more. So the more regular you are with your practice, the more rewarded you feel and the more you want to do it again...and again...and again.

So trust me on this one. Pick a tool (and you can always change it up but start with one). Make a gratitude jar at home or work, start writing gratitude letters every week, start every meal with gratitude, join our Facebook gratitude community to get support, there are so many options.

It doesn't matter what you choose. It just matters that you choose something every day.

Remember, success is trying. And believe me this is worth trying. 

I invite you to see what consistent practice could look like in your day. And let me know how it changes (or has changed) your life so that others can see what I mean.

Go ahead, commit and put a ring on it. 

Live well,