It's not just computers, you need a reboot too!


Tell me this doesn’t happen to you too?

I could NOT get my internet to work on my laptop this morning. No way, no how. I tried everything until it dawned on me.

Try the classic approach. Turn the laptop off and on again.

Works like a charm, every time, right?

It’s so comical how simple and obvious it is but still, it sometimes takes me a bit to remember to do it.

And then I realized, OMG, this is a metaphor for life!

Sometimes, no matter what I try, I just can’t shake my funky mood or get motivated or lose the stuck emotion I’m swimming in. No way, no how.

Until I remember the same thing.

Ohhhhhhh, I need to turn off and then back on again!!! (Insert open palm striking forehead, duh!)

I need a reboot too!

Do you ever feel like that? Today, let’s talk about how you really do that, my friend. Because we don’t have a physical on and off switch but the secret is…we have an energetic switch. You can’t see it but you can feel it.

And if you ever feel like what I just described it’s time to get a little woo-woo with me and flick that switch!

You know you need this if:

  • You’re feeling especially anxious or unsettled

  • You are more sluggish

  • You are more sensitive, feeling all of your feels more strongly

  • You dread starting your day

  • You are irritable with everyone for no apparent reason

And those are just a few! The truth is that you need a reboot anytime you feel like you need a reboot. If you’ve been working too hard, if you’ve been overextending yourself for everyone else but yourself or if you’ve been taken advantage of by others.

So let’s talk about how to do this. Because this is going to be your secret self-care trick that you may just use every week! I mean, why not reboot more often than when you NEED to! Why not do it as prevention, my friend!

Anytime you need to reset or protect your personal boundary, your energetic bubble, it’s time to reboot.

So, let’s do this! Now, I use sage smudging, salt baths, all kinds of energetic techniques you may be familiar with. But today, I’m going to focus on simple ones you can integrate into a day, at work, wherever you are (Taking out my sage stick doesn’t really work in the middle of a clinic day!) And who knows, maybe you’ll just start making one day of the week your reboot day?!

Let’s go!

#1 Stand your ground

So, here’s the deal. If you’ve been set off-balance by anyone or anything, you need to get straight again. And one of the best ways to do this is to ground yourself into the earth. Get support from the earth that is already carrying you when you don’t feel supported by others or yourself right now!

You can do this by literally standing barefoot on the earth. (And if you’re not able to stand, either sit on the earth or imagine yourself rooting yourself deep into the earth while in your wheelchair or other assistive device. We can all do this. Be there, get firm and if you’re able, close your eyes. Otherwise, bring them to a soft, downward gaze.

Put your hands at your side if able and feel this. Breathe into this. Know you are cared for. Know Mother Earth has your back, always. Know that just this moment alone proves that you are held and nurtured. If you have a meditation you love to do for feeling safe and nurtured, do it. Otherwise, just breathe and if you like, imagine your body or feet growing deep tree-like roots into the earth. So strong, no wind, nothing could sway you. Repeat often through the day until you feel rooted again.

#2 Shift the energy of your surroundings

When you need to shift, you need the area around you to support you doing this.

This means cleaning the clutter. Your mind can’t be still and empty if your environment isn’t mirroring this to you.

Now, you don’t need to go all Marie-kondo on me. But take a small space, maybe your bedroom or office space, a space you spend a lot of time in during the day. And get that space all nice and Zen like. Throw stuff out. And when you look around it, know that this energy now allows you to get still and empty too. You need to throw stuff out of your mind so do it around you first.

#3 Take a digital break

This is also about your mind clutter. If we want to shift our energy. If we want to redraw our energetic boundaries, we need to stop letting the soul sucking energy of technology drain us. Now, if you can’t turn it off completely, minimize it.

  • Eliminate social media and e-mail from your phone and only check them once a day.

  • Put a Do not Disturb function on your phone and don’t allow texts or calls to come in at certain times.

  • Block news or other sites on your computer with something like the app, Freedom (I love that one!)

    Do whatever you need to but my friend, if you need to restore your energy, if you need to redraw your personal bubble, you need to be able to stop distractions as well. Take your power back!

#4 Reset your energy field

So, you can do this with a simple guided visualization. Read this through and then try it!

Close your eyes and get settled into your body with a few, deep breaths.

Then imagine your own energy field. Imagine it whatever color light you think it is. Imagine it around you. And visualize how it has extended too far. You have given the world more of your energy than you have given yourself.

See that beautiful light no matter how far it has extended.

And now, bring it in. Imagine the light traveling back to you. Slowly or quickly, it doesn’t matter. Visualize it and feel its power returning to you. See if you can even feel it reabsorbing all the way up to your skin. At times, you may even see the light inside of you.

Bring it back in. Feel it. See it. Harness it. Do this as long as you are able.

Repeat as often as you like and see how it feels.

I love doing this, it reenergizes me and I feel super-hero like power right after. It’s my energy, I want it back.

And the best thing is you can do it for a minute or thirty, wherever you are.

#5 Shake that shit out

Now, this may seem counterintuitive because I’ve just spent so much time telling you to get still, ground, reclaim your energy inside.

But the truth is that then you also need to shake out whatever stuck energy is inside of you. Dance, shake, sing, run, jump…You choose it, just move your body.

You can do all of this in the same day or choose the ones that work for you. But try them out as a radical self-care routine, especially if you need to reclaim your personal boundaries.

And most of all, let me know if this helped and which tools resonated for you most! It’s also great to share yours with me so I can learn your superpowers too!

May you turn off and on often, my friend! And if you want more tips on how to live your most vibrant life, download my free guide, 5 Tickets to Transformation!

Live well,


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