Ladies, I ask you, Is Self-Gratitude Self-Ish?


I say No.

Here's why. 

What we do most of the day, most days is practice the opposite. We compare ourselves to others. To Everyone.

I wish I could dress like her.

I wish I could mother like her.

I wish I could be as successful as her.

And on and on. We compare and we compare.

And that comparison is the death of creativity. The death of it.

We can't create. We can't express our best selves. We can't work towards more joy. If we are always comparing ourselves to others. When we do that, we lose the present moment. We lose our drive to be what we want. We lose ourselves.

So, I say take back the "Self" in Selfish. Take back yourself.

Today, start a new commitment. 

To practice Gratitude for yourself, for anything if you can't do that for yourself, Just practice Gratitude...ANYTIME you find yourself in the death spiral of comparison. 

Let's turn those statements around into mantras of gratitude and create a new day for ourselves.

I wish I could dress like her becomes....

"I am grateful for MY style" or

"I am grateful for this woman's reflection of a style that resonates with me." 


I wish I could mother like her becomes...

"I am grateful that I am a mother who always wants to better myself for my children" or

"I am grateful for this reminder of the parts of mothering I am working on" or

"I am grateful that we as women mother in community so that we may learn from one another"


I wish I could be as successful as her becomes...

"I am grateful for seeking new ways to serve" or 

"I am grateful for all mentors, those I know and those I watch from afar" or

"I am grateful for my faith that the Universe will guide me where I need to be"

Take back yourself. Take back your life. With Gratitude. 
Transform every moment that does not serve you and believe me, moments of comparison never will.

Transform your moments to gratitude for yourself, for all you do, for all you are. 
This, my friends, is the start of a path of Self-ishness that we can all be proud of.

Live well,
Tanmeet Sethi