One simple thing can help you make healthier eating choices


Just in time for the new year!

Yep, you know it, it’s Gratitude.

Ok, seriously, by now, you know I'm the "Gratitude Lady" and anyway, it’s Thankful Thursday.

I think it's pretty much the key to happiness but EVEN I was surprised by this new study.

A new study showed that expressing gratitude (in the form of gratitude letters) could result in adolescents and young adults choosing healthier food!


It was just 30 minutes a week on average. And they ate healthier.

And that was regardless of whether they thanked someone who had helped them as related to health, academics or just someone who was kind to them.

And guess what? When we eat healthier, we are HAPPIER

Not only because the food makes us feel better but because we're also proud of ourselves for achieving that goal.

What I find really crazy is that this means how we feel about others matters for how we treat ourselves!

Seriously, read that twice because it's BIG. 

So, if eating better is part of your new year's plan, think about pairing it with gratitude like a fine wine. It's going to make everything go down better. 

Live well,


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