Parents, this ONE piece of homework will change YOUR school year


I start reminiscing about school every year my kids start a new year. This year I’m remembering my favorite teacher of all time, Ms Landis, my 9th grade English teacher.

And I’ll never forget what made her so great. Actually, everything made her great. She even got me to preaching how amazing a book Lord of the Flies is because of the amazing way she had us analyze it. (I mean, what 9th grade girl is excited about a story of rough and unkept boys in the jungle? But oh, there was SO much more!)

But the biggest reason I remember her so fondly is that she taught me two of my most important life lessons. You learn those in school too. The ones she taught me were:

  • You are a writer, she told me. She was the first person who told me to think of myself as a writer and I would be one (talk about old school manifesting!)

  • And she taught me to not be scared of big vocabulary words. “Don’t be intimidated,” she would say. You can do this.

Can you tell, she was more like a mindset coach for me than a regular teacher?

Anyway, what she showed me is that there are life lessons in everything and today, I’m gonna tell you what your homework is for this start of the school year ‘cause it’s big.

And just like Ms Landis’ lessons, it won’t sound big the first time you hear it but if you keep repeating it to yourself, you realize that shifts so big are happening that you’re talking about them over two decades later!

Your homework is to let this sink in:

This school year is a chance to start over.

Yep, every life lesson doesn’t have to be complex to be profound.

That’s it and it’s everything all at the same time.

Every moment is a chance to start over.

A new breath, a new step, a new thought.

Your child may be skipping off to school excited for new teachers, new books, new friends. Watching them reminds us how fun and exhilarating it can be to start over and get a new routine, a new way of being.

But you can do the same too every morning.

All that matters is what happens right NOW.

So take this as a chance to think of your mind as a new notebook too.

It’s a clean slate, a new piece of paper.

You can write new thoughts, make a new story.

It sounds simple, but I didn’t say it was easy, friend.

Try it this week. it’s your homework for this new year.

Wake up and say to yourself,

  • “It’s a new day.”

  • “Each breath is another chance to start again”

  • “I wonder what this new day can bring.”

Be curious, stay open and hit refresh on your inner operating system.

Short and sweet but if you commit to it, this week’s lesson will be the most important thing you do all week (and you may just be preaching about it longer than that)

Live well,


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