Put the Thanks Back in Thanksgiving!


I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of you for reading, sharing and being on this journey of Gratitude with me.

In return, I want to reprise my favorite three posts to transform your day today with family and friends. And also leave you with two other ways to make this Thanksgiving truly different and more meaningful from those in your past.

Have a beautiful holiday and I hope you feast on love and gratitude as well!

Ways to transform your holiday:

  1. Make the entire day from cooking to eating more sacred:

    How Just One Meal Can Make You Grateful For A Lifetime. .

  2. Maximize Gratitude (Try the Gratitude Jar tonight):

Don’t Waste Your Thanksgiving Dinner

3. Especially if it’s been a hard year, you need this ONE question:

Supercharge your Gratitude Practice With This One Simple Question

4. And this one, the MOST sacred thing you can do today:

Before your meal, take a moment of silence and gratitude for the indigenous peoples and ancestors of this land who land you now live on.

5. Find a way for you and your loved ones to serve the land around you in the form of environmental stewardship this holiday weekend.

Live well,


P.S. Share these tools with someone you love today to show how grateful you are for their presence in your life!

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