The easiest (and best) last minute gift for Mother's Day


In a bind? Don't know what to get or just got too busy? Better yet, your own kids are asking you what you want for Mother's Day and you don't know what to tell them? 

No sweat, I've got you covered and studies back me up that this is a gift of high value.

Give me a few minutes of your time and we can wrap Mother's Day 2018 up in a special bow and call it the best one yet. 

First off, we have to get over the fact that being a mother is just what you are supposed to do. That it doesn't deserve a gift. Let's be clear. Mothering is a hard job and it deserves appreciation. Not only that, if children (even grown ones) can express this appreciation, they can feel better themselves. 

Yep, grateful kids are happier, are more optimistic and connect better socially. Jeffrey Froh and Giacomo Bono have shown this in their research and wrote a book on it called Making Grateful Kids. 

I bet if you get a note or verbal expression of gratitude, you would feel pretty special. Well this research shows that it is good for the kids too. 

And remember how good writing letters of gratitude can make us feel? The research is like the writing on the wall. Why wait for Thanksgiving to be thankful?! 

So, don't feel bad if you ask for this from your kids, it's good for their health. And think about it for your own mother, we never get too old to hear how we are appreciated. Don't get caught up in buying the right gift, this one is accessible to anyone.

Here's the secret tip though! This Mother's Day is coming up in just a few days but if you want to think about fostering gratitude in your children for next years...

Model Gratitude to your children and they will follow your lead.

Teach by doing. 

Everyone will reap the benefits.

And then next year's present will be even easier!

A very happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there. I am thankful for all you do to bring caring and kind children into the world. It's a day to receive the gratitude you deserve. 

Live well,





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