The one simple step to "Konmari" your own energy balance


In true minimalist style, this post will be short.

Because It won’t take long to tell you how I’m conserving energy and making my boundaries more sacred..

It’s been simple, so much simpler than I realized, that I can’t understand why I didn’t do it sooner.

One simple step. To more freedom.

See, I was feeling heavy, weighted down. By everything. My work, motherhood, never-ending house to dos, advocacy for this world to be a better place, trying to stay fit, all of it.


So I decided to make it all lighter.

One easy step.

When considering if I needed to do something or say yes to a request, no matter how enticing it was, I would notice if thinking about doing it made me feel tight in my body or light and free. In essence, when I “held on” to the task in my mind, I would consider if it gave me joy-the Konmari way.

And if it didn’t I would let it go or say No.

Now, I want to be clear here. This isn’t as simple as it sounds. Many things in the last two months have felt like they would be joyful for sure but I still said no. Because if there wasn’t enough space for them in my life, then they made me feel heavy or tight in my body.

For example, this month was the first month of school and that’s always a doozie in our home.

I had two professional requests that light me up on a simple day. But they were both out of town and the energy it would take to go do them and re-enter, at a time when my kids really needed me, would leave me depleted because there wouldn’t be enough energy for all of it to happen well.

I had two personal hopes this month to celebrate important people in my life, both out of town. But because of my husband’s work schedule, needs to settle into three schools, and my own workload, I had to say no. Of course, being with them would have given me joy, but maybe not ease. And I would have been depleted.

So the Konmari method holds somewhat. I asked myself more than just if things would give me joy, but also if I felt heavy or light (for whatever reason at all, no guilt allowed) and then made my decision.

So, try it out. “Hold on” to the thought of doing something when you’re not sure how to answer and notice…

Notice if your body tenses up or feels heavy.

Or if you feel light and free.

And you’ll have your answer.

I got mine.

Live well,

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