The simple mindset hack to make any uncertain situation feel less scary

The simple mindset hack to make any uncertain situation feel less scary.jpg

There’s nothing that can cause more fear than the dreaded unknown.

It seems a bit comical if you think about it.

That what we don’t know can scare us more than what we know for sure. But it’s the simple way your brain works.

You know what I mean, right? Something scary happens:

  • You lose (or leave) your job.

  • You get a scary diagnosis.

  • You have rocky financial times.

Then that causes:

  • Uncertainty

  • Fear

  • Anxiety

But what if we shift this dread with one simple step? Yep, one simple step.

Just by changing your Perspective.

You can go on seeing all of these as scary, dreadful events. Or you can try a new way of looking at them.

I’m going to challenge you that the most uncertain times may be the most miraculous times?…

What if you saw uncertainty as potential for POSSIBILITY?

By definition, if you DO NOT know what will happen, anything is POSSIBLE.

Let’s break this down ‘cause it’s more powerful than you think.

The one big step to make this shift is

to move from

your HEAD to your HEART.

I probably don’t have to tell you why seeing it with your head is a problem.

Your intellect or your logical mind only sees things as concrete events that turn out the way your brain has been imprinted to believe they will turn out.

Your brain has seen bad things happen in your life and others’ lives. Then, it stores those as memories, as “known truths.” And when something reminds your brain of those situations and your fear centers are triggered, your mind conjures up all of those memories as your only reality.

Yep, you heard me right…YOU make up your own reality.

Nothing’s even happened yet.

Nothing’s even proven to be an outcome.

But your brain has already gone to scary, crazy places. And who’s to blame for that? YOU!

So let’s put the focus somewhere else.

Let’s give it to your heart.

Your heart: The part of you that can look at your life from a loving and trusting perspective

Imagine if when you’re scared, if when you’re in the most doubt possible, you say to yourself…

”I shift this to my loving heart.”

Go ahead, try it. Put your hand or finger on your heart and say, “I shift this to my loving heart.”

Just by saying that, you can feel more love flowing instead of fear.

This means more love for yourself (which is crucial because if you’re in a fear state, you are suffering!) and more love for the situation itself!

And that last part is the secret sauce right there, my friend.

Loving your life, no matter how uncertain it is, is the key to living from a loving, trusting place instead of a resistant, fearful one.

Trust me on this one, your heart’s a better friend in this situation.

I sometimes take it one step further and while my hand is on my heart and I say that phrase, I imagine the fear like specks of dust dissolving in my heart. (And even if they don’t easily dissolve, my heart can hold them all-it’s a much better place to hold it than my head!) The visualization amplifies my process.

But even if you just say this phrase over and over with your hand on your heart, you start to make that important shift away from focusing on the fear and dread and seeing the unknown as a potential for something different to happen. That there can be another story here.

How your life looks depends on which lens you put on to view it. Seriously, it can be that simple.

So, when you’re feeling scared of what will happen, shift it in this way to trusting that something could happen that you can’t even conceive of in the limited perspective of your brain.

Your heart is way more limitless. There’s more room for creating miracles in there, my friend.

So do yourself a favor and bring it all from your head to your heart. It’s a trip worth taking.

Live well,