This one SIMPLE gratitude move will up-level your JOY


Your mom didn’t know just how right she was.

Two simple words but such a powerful shift.

“Thank you” That’s it. “Thank you”

Now if you’ve watched my TEDx talk, you know that I think it’s a big deal to say Thank you directly to your biggest challenges. (I know, I’m weird like that but for reals, watch it, you’ll see)

But I had no idea how big a shift I would have saying it over and over to my biggest joys.

Let me explain ‘cause this one addition to my daily gratitude practice has been like a rocket booster, seriously amplifying my practice and in turn, my joy. And who doesn’t want that, right?

So I express gratitude either in written or verbal form to whatever I’m grateful for at the end of my day, every day. (always different from the day before) Without fail, no matter what. If you’re not doing that piece yet, get on it ‘cause it’s like a joy scrub for your brain and heart. It reminds you of what was good about that day so you can soak in that instead of going to bed marinating in what went wrong.

And you know what I mean. When your head hits the pillow and you review ad nauseum, all the fumbles, missed steps, and the mean voices in your head. Yep, all that. It’s no way to go off to sleep. This is much better. Trust me.

So, let’s start there. I marinate in the good. And just as an aside, you can do as many “gratefuls” a day as you like. I routinely do three but right now, I’m experimenting with 10. (Kind of like when I up’ed my servings of vegetables a day to 10 every day just to see how it would feel different-yes, I do experiments like this all the time. It gives me a chance to feel and experience how I can up level my body and mindset! Anyway, I digress…) Feel free to start with one or go for my over-achieving ten, but just start.

But this is the one step that has changed everything. No matter how many you do, after you write or say your gratitudes, read or say them one more time and after each one, say “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…” three times.

That’s it. That’s it.

It’s so simple you’ll get snarky on me and skip over it.

It’s so basic you’ll think it can’t possibly elevate or up level anything.

It’s up to you. Try it or leave it. But I promise you if you give me a month, 30 days, of trying it, you’ll let me know later how surprised you are.

I don’t want to prescribe what will happen for you, I’ll let you tell me. But I will let you know what happens for me.

  • Saying these words to the things I’m grateful for settles them in the deep center of my brain more solidly. It’s like I’m telling myself how good they are over and over in a way that feels like I’m honoring them in a ceremony!

  • Saying Thank You shifts my perspective even more on a very challenging day to remind me that I am always able to find something grateful for and these things I’m honoring are true gifts.

  • Adding Thank you to my practice allows me to match all the ways that my mind focuses on the negative during the day. It’s like a little “take that!” to my mean voice.

But don’t take anything I say as truth, try it for yourself. Add this one small, simple, less than 30 second addition to your gratitude practice and up level YOUR game.

You know it’s healthy to be more fit physically but if you want your mind and spirit to excel and play the biggest game they can, you’ve got to exercise them as well. Give them something to work out with. I promise you…add this one, smallest thing and you can say “thank you, thank you, thank you…” to me later….

Live well,

P.S. If you found this helpful, I’m editing videos to a new free mini-course on gratitude that I’ll be releasing soon so if you want to know when that comes out, make sure to get on my list!

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