This one simple tool can bring abundance to your life, RIGHT NOW


That’s right, I’m committed to jumping into 2019 with the lens of abundance.

But what does that even mean?!?

It means looking at my life as if I HAVE enough, as if I AM enough.

And one exercise can shift you to that mindset. It works for me every time.

So, first, I’ll tell you that I know I need to do this exercise when I hear that pesky voice in my head telling me my life is lesser than I want. It goes something like this: “I’m not…”

  • “…accomplishing enough.”

  • “…a good enough mother.”

  • “…fit enough.”

  • “…relaxed enough.”

Yep, that voice is harsh, isn’t she? I’ll save you but I could go on and on. I’m guessing you have your own and s/he isn’t pretty.

So, then I know I need to shift my perspective from expectation to APPRECIATION.

And this is one of the best ways I know how to do that.

Here’s the Magic:

Take out a piece of paper…but wait, hold on a second.

Before you even get out that piece of paper, it’s even better if you can make a cup of tea and really get still while you brew and steep it. Drink a few sips quietly and get still.

Or if tea isn’t your thing, just sit and meditate or stare into space or do anything that calms your mind a bit.

THEN, get out that paper or journal or post it note, it doesn’t matter.

And make the longest list you can of what you’re grateful for.

Go ahead, make it long. All of it. From the smallest thing to the biggest parts of your life.

Wait, you’re not done! Now, there’s a really important part after that.

Now, close your eyes and meditate on this:

Imagine that tomorrow, when you wake up, you only have the things you’re grateful for. Nothing else in life.

And that those things ARE ENOUGH.

Then, see how ABUNDANT your life is?

You HAVE everything and instead of wake up WANTING everything.

I know, I know, it seems too simple or cheesy to work and Tanmeet, aren’t I just playing tricks on my mind, you’ll ask.

Here’s the deal…

  • It may seem simple, but trust me, try it and see how BIG it is.

  • And as far as playing tricks on your mind, here’s the real deal. All day, every day, when you see yourself and your life as not enough, YOU’RE the one playing tricks on your mind. So it’s time to undo that trickery and start some REAL MAGIC right here, right now.

Ok, so you with me or not?

Just try it and then let me know what happens. I love getting messages about magic. It lights up my day.

Live well,

Tanmeet SethiComment