Three no-fail strategies to beat imposter syndrome


You’ll know right away if this post is for you.

If you feel:

  • Like a fraud.

  • Like you will be “found out”

  • Like you got where you are by sheer luck and you’re constantly praying no one notices.

These, my friend, are the makings of a unique state of suffering called Imposter Syndrome, that I encounter daily in more humans than I would like to count.

And if you think I make it sound like a disease, it sure does feel like one. It’s an epidemic at times. 

The symptoms are feeling sad, lonely, shameful or isolated. 

And the worst part of this disease is that it’s self-inflicted. 

It’s a making of your own mind.

But suffer no longer. There are ways to manage this.

I’m going to dish out three strategies today that can help heal this affliction. I am a doctor after all! 😀

But first we need to get one really important thing straight. 

Feeling like an imposter at times is normal and the “cure” doesn’t insure you never feel these emotions again.

The “cure” however gives you the freedom from living an entire imposter life that restricts you from moving forward and living with joy.

But you don’t need to spiral from a simple doubt into that full-fledged rollercoaster of thinking you are no way at all equipped or deserving of your life.

Doubts will come, believe me.

I know this because I’m a physician, a Mama and I’m human. Yes, I doubt myself. We all do.
You too will travel through doubt states…but the goal is to just as easily travel out of them. 

So, let’s lay out the roadmap to a more joyful life right now. 

1.  Recognize doubt as just that, just doubt. 

It’s not an edict sent down from some higher source. 

It’s just a thought. It’s just a state of mind. 
Don’t work so hard to try or prove or disprove it. 
Just recognize it as a thought and remember you are not your thoughts. 

We went over that in detail in last week’s blog so if you didn’t review that important lesson, please go back and do so. It’s foundational to getting this cure right. 

You can notice the doubt, get curious about it, accept it’s there and then try to step outside of it. 
You are NOT your doubts


2.    Next, accept failure as one of the guideposts to success. 

 “Success is going from failure to failure with enthusiasm.” Albert Einstein

If you don’t mess up, you don’t get anywhere. Plain and simple. 

It’s how we learn. It’s how we live. It’s how we grow. 

Yet, why, when it happens, are we astonished, downright shocked? 

“How could I fail, I’m supposed to be perfect?!?”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…You’re no more special than anyone else my friend.

And that means you get to mess up, over and over, just like everyone else.

It’s what we humans do.

So, when you expect failure as the inevitable, whatever failure means to you, you can wave it on by like a sight you intended to visit on this trip through the land of doubt. 

Check it off your list, my friend. You were meant to go there. And now you can move on.

Secret spiritual warrior tip: I seriously sometimes do just this. Meet a failure. And say out loud, “First (or second or third or whichever) failure, check!” As if it was on my to-do list!


3.    And remember, please remember this next CRITICAL piece of truth. 

Comparison is the death of joy.

You know the scene: You compare yourself to another human who seems like they’ve got their shit together. 

And then you feel lesser than, not as good, like a fraud. 

It’s an overdone script. The ending is so predictable, the same each and every time.

Stop, stop comparing yourself. 

First of all, you really have no idea what this idolized person is experiencing or feeling. No idea. 

You have no idea if they’ve failed a hundred times before getting where they are.

Or maybe their idea of failure is different than yours. 
That’s the worst part of this disease, we all think we’re masquerading but no one knows what the “right” costume is. 

And more importantly, this is YOUR life, that is theirs. The two have no correlation. 
You do you, let them do them. 

You are in a race ONLY with yourself. To be the best you can be each day.

To be better than YOU were the day before. 

It’s that simple. 

But everything simple isn’t always easy.

It takes practice.

It takes shifting mindsets. 
But you can do it, my friend. I know you can.

Because you’re a spiritual warrior too.
And if it sounds too hard, consider that it’s hard to live your day thinking you’re an imposter. 
Far easier to do this and just live your day.

So, if you suffer from imposter syndrome my friend, use these strategies and let me know how it goes! Comment below if you want to share, have questions or experience obstacles. I’m here for you!

And if you want more strategies to live a more joyful life, download my free guide, 5 Tickets to Transformation Today!

Live well,



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