Three ways to spin Mercury Retrograde chaos into calm


Alright, I know since I’m down with being centered and spiritual, you may think I’m all over astrology, but not the case. I didn't even know what Mercury Retrograde was several years ago but now I hear it constantly (and why does it seem to be retrograde all the time?!) as if it’s normal speak. Something goes wrong and "Well, you know, it's Mercury Retrograde, right?" As if I’m then supposed to understand why, of course, my plane was cancelled or why I lost my internet right before a big presentation.

If you’re still lost, no worries, I’m gonna break this down so you don’t look confused the next time someone throws the phase around. And probably even more importantly, you might want to take note of this Mercury retro-thing ‘cause it may explain a lot! (yep, there might be something to this astrology stuff)

Ok, so here's the deal. About four times a year, Mercury passes by our Earth in its orbit. Alright, you can get down with that right? But then apparently, as it comes around the corner, it stops and appears to spin backwards. Just an illusion apparently, but an illusion that creates widespread havoc in communication, travel and technology in particular. So much so that I actually have friends who consult the astrologic calendar and plan trips outside of this time, big meetings, etc. I haven't gotten to that point yet but somehow, I’m more aware when this backwards thing is happening and have to admit I have a little anxiety about it. 

This current one started March 5th (yep, it already started, you’re in the middle of it) and extends to Mar 28th. Like I said, I’m still not good at consulting the calendar but I got lucky and am traveling this month right on the 28th so maybe I’ll be safe! I mean I guess the planet will still be spinning the wrong way and creating chaos but it shouldn’t do more than delay my flight that day, right? #fingerscrossed

But, wait, all astrological humility aside, there’s got to be a way to have Gratitude for this phenomenon right? I mean, if anyone can find it, it must be me! So I’m going to try and maybe it's just a sad attempt to try and justify why I still can’t figure out the calendar in advance. But regardless, here's my go at it.

Here are the ways I’m going to find a way to manage this chaos with grace.

1. I read once that this is a phase of the solar cycles in which all activities with the prefix re- are best to undertake. It's supposed to be a good time to RE-visit things. Okay, then let's have at it.

How about we use these next two weeks to

RE-vise our goals for the year? 

RE-connect with old friends?

RE-commit to changes we want to make to our lives?

RE-make our homes into sanctuaries?

RE-new our vows to loved ones?

Getting the picture? We could RE-visit things with intention and grace. 

It’s supposed to be a hard time for communication so maybe it’s time to really concentrate on all these ways to communicate with ourselves instead. I like these RE-’s and now, I figure I have four times a year (If I can remember to consult the calendar!) to RE-mind myself to do this!

2. Mercury’s supposed to be a trickster, creating all this chaos for us. So, how about instead of getting upset, we laugh along with this crazy planet?

For the next two weeks, if things go wrong...if planes get delayed (clearly, I am thinking about this one), if messages get garbled and miscommunicated, if electronic devices break down, how about we just commit to ourselves to laugh along instead of getting bent out of shape? 

We could just say, “There you go, you trickster you…” as we look into the sky at this sneaky universe.

Why not, why not, just expect it instead of fighting against it?

And, face it, you could blame anything on this for a couple of weeks.

You’re late to work…Mercury Retrograde.

You don’t respond to an email or text right away…Mercury Retrograde.

Your spouse doesn’t appreciate the way you communicated…Mercury Retrograde. (for the record, you’re not supposed to have any important conversations during this time so this doesn’t happen so don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Let's use this as time to infuse humor back into our lives. 

3. And what if we do the most obvious during this time of cray-cray happenings? What if we cultivate gratitude for the ways our planets magically RE-volve?

I mean, each time something messes up these two weeks if they do, let's use it as a moment to stop and express gratitude to the planets, the stars, to our earth, to this crazy, magical, unbelievable, mysterious thing called our Universe?! Stop, close your eyes, imagine all those planets spinning, know how infinitesimal you and this mess-up in front of you is and breathe all of it in.

I mean, the fact that a planet can spin the opposite way as it crosses by the planet that gives you life and this dance can affect (possibly, just be with me on this one, even if you aren’t sure about the whole thing) your plans for the day…?!?! I mean, that’s crazy, amazing, and magical ALL at the same time!

Yep, during this Mercury Retrograde, I’m going to be with it instead of in fear of it. I’m going to infuse it all with Gratitude and see how these spinning planets can bring me joy. You with me?

Let me know how it goes and any craziness that comes your way. Of course, it might take me a while to respond until this Mercury Retrograde passes and communication channels are open again!

Live well,

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