Transform your critical self, transform your life-Part 2


How did this last week go with your thoughts? (Read Part 1 to catch up on the first step to dismantling the oppression of your negative voice-yep, it’s like radical activism!)

Even more importantly than noticing your thoughts, I’m hoping you were able to gently and lovingly give yourself breath each time. So that you started the practice of treating your critical self with love.

If you’re chomping at the bit to go forward, let’s get to it!

For those who may be just joining in, let’s recap the first steps:

Step #1: Notice your thoughts

Step #2: Send love to them

Step #3: Repeat 1 and 2 until you’re ready to move on

Step #4: Mantra

Now, I know it sounds fancy but mantra is just using a word or phrase as a repetitive touchstone to bring you back to the present moment.

Think about it, when your critical voice is going off in your head, it’s almost always signaling something you’ve come to believe about yourself in the past or worried about what you will become in the future.

We can use mantra to bring us back, right here.

So let’s use a practical example. If my mantra is “Love myself” or even just “Love,” I can say this each time I hear self-criticism. I can say this and bring myself back to a higher vibe word that my cells would like to hear.

And I can bring myself back here, the only moment that matters.

The magic behind that is also that once I am in the present moment, I can ask myself if this voice is:

At least one or both of those answers are no and while I’m repeating “Love” or whatever your mantra is, I can get to a different, more accepting space in my mind.

You could seriously use ANYTHING for your mantra as long as it’s a word that doesn’t conjure up challenging emotions.

The reason I use the word mantra is also because that particular tool denotes as well that this utterance may be sacred. The truth is that if you put sacred, dear intention into your language, it will be by definition more meaningful. And every moment can be special and blessed if you treat it that way.

Alright, back to this process…

Realize this, my friend.

All your thoughts you hear all day are JUST a story.
A story YOU wrote.

And YOU can rewrite it.

The truth is that your mind just plays tricks on you.

And it’s up to YOU to change the conversation.

So when I hear my thoughts tell me, I can’t do something, that I’m not good enough, I can use mantra as a word or even a phrase.

Each time you hear that voice, respond with….

  • “That’s not me. That’s just my mind playing tricks on me.”

 And then a millisecond later…

  • “I can do this.”

Don’t let your mind have the last word.

If your mind is:

  • Limiting you

  • Making you feel incapable

  • Telling you, you aren’t enough

Then, it’s not your best, highest self. It’s your fearful, limiting self and you don’t need to hang with her. Seriously.

It’s time to get a new bestie.

One whose thoughts are unlimited. One who never doubts your potential.

You, my beautiful friend, deserve that.

Use mantra as your superpower tool this week. Let me know how it goes! Next week, we’ll continue this conversation and move even closer to changing your thoughts and your life!

Live well,