Want to be more present? Try some body positivity...


Tell me if you’ve heard these suggestions for a more joyful life lately:


  • more present.

  • more mindful.”

  • …in the moment.”

You’ve heard these as much as I have, right? Being present is the going trend.

And for good reason.

But here’s the deal.

Being loving and accepting of your body is actually ONE of the BEST ways to be in the present moment.

So if you hear yourself criticizing your body, it’s time to shift this to some body love so we can get down with this presence thing.

I gave you a meditation track last week to start making this shift. So if you haven’t downloaded that, go there after reading this and get that meditation.

I’m gonna break down for you the NUMBER ONE reason that loving your body is the way to be more present.

When you hate on your body, you resist your body.

And when you resist your body, you resist what is.

When you resist what is, you push AWAY the present moment.

You CANNOT accept the present moment

when you aren’t living in your


Plain and simple.

So please, please understand that if you can love on your body, you can love on your life and this one moment you are living right now.

Try it and let me know. Simple and short but maybe the most important message you could get today!

Live well,