Want to love your body? Then you need this!


When it comes to our bodies, this is what I hear mostly from my patients, friends, and frankly, in my own head…Fill in the blanks with your favorite body part….

“I wish my ________ was more ________.”

“Why do my _____ have to be so ______?”

“My hair is too Straight/curly/short/long_________”

And on and on.

I never hear….

“I love my ________ (thighs, shoulders, hair, etc etc)”

“I am so grateful for my __________”

Seriously, when was the last time you heard anything like that?

Even when someone pays a simple compliment like, “Your hair looks so great,” the answer is usually something like….

“Really? I am so annoyed with it” or “Really? I feel like it’s so_______ (insert any opposite of praise)”

So here’s the deal.

We can’t love ourselves if we don’t love our bodies.

And we can’t love our bodies if we aren’t grateful for them.

Now, inevitably someone is going to tell me, but I really do wish I was ____________ (fill in the blank) and I would say even if you want change, you can’t get there without accepting the present.

And your body IS your present.

So, what do you say about starting a revolution where we actually honor our bodies?

Let’s do it! And it starts right here with this meditation.

Just 15 minutes a day.

I’ve recorded for you one of my favorite ways to honoring my body that I do since hearing a meditation like this years ago. And I hope you’ll enter my challenge.

My challenge is this….

Do this meditation daily for two weeks and tell me what shifts for you.

Plus, you’ll be getting in 15 minutes of meditation a day which can have other great effects on your mood, brain health, and immune system to name a few.

Do it because you:

Enjoy, download, keep to listen on the go, share with someone you love, and let me know how it goes! Please, I want to hear from you!

Live well,