Why I am grateful today for rock bottom


This country is the most divisive I can remember. But these are the faces of hope. No matter what side of party or political lines you stand on, these are faces of a new frontier, one that says that America will move towards a representation that represents what America really consists of.

The FIRST Indigenous Congresswomen ever! Ever…think about that! After over two centuries of elected officials to Congress, these are the first Indigenous women to be there to speak up for our communities.

The FIRST Muslim Women in Congress and one in a hijab! Yes!

The FIRST African American Women sent to Congress EVER by Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The FIRST Latina women in Texas!

The Youngest woman ever at the age of 29!

And on and on, a long line of hope.

I can easily spiral into anger over races that went the opposite of my hopes. I can easily get lost in the negative. But I need to take triumph in the good. That is how my brain and my soul learn to look for the beauty.

So, today I give gratitude to the universe because sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom; it takes desperate fear for big change to happen. No matter what the outcome is in the next two years, no matter what political events take place, there is change. There is engagement.

This week, I am using the image of my favorite flower often, that of a lotus. A flower, so radiant in its beauty, but one that unbelievably rises from the mud. Such beauty from such challenge. That is how I liken this feeling today.

I heard just this week that a writer long ago described Hope in parallel to a long dirt path in the countryside. At first there is nothing. But then enough people walk back and forth and…a path appears. And so as these new change leaders walk back and forth in front of me, as they walk the path, my hope appears.

May we all, regardless of where our political beliefs sit, be able to revel in the hope that this new wave of women leaders bring as they walk before us…

Live well,

Tanmeet SethiComment