You need this one, simple tool on your hardest days, try it now!


Now, let's get this straight. There is no way around it. Some days are hard, I mean really hard. Maybe you have stress at work. Maybe something really painful happens in your family. Maybe you are experiencing problems with your marriage. And on and on, Life just gets hard sometimes. So, in those situations you can feel powerless. But I want you to take some power back. When we feel small and powerless, we are in a lower energy state. You may have heard people refer to this as a low vibration. I know it can sound weird but it is true. When we are in a state like this, we can feel stuck and whatever is happening around us feels even more challenging. But I want you to try this one tool during those kind of days! It's free, accessible anytime, and has no risky side effects, so why not?

I just used this yesterday, all day. I had one of those really hard days. I was in Children's Hospital for eight hours with my son for his biannual appointments. This is a day which is made to be a more convenient way for parents like me to see so many specialists on one day instead of taking time out of work and school several times. In theory, that is very true. But in reality, it is a slog. Several specialists telling you all in one day what is getting worse about your son's degenerative disease is no joke. It is information and emotional overload! Yesterday was no different. The information was grueling and I can go to some dark places. So, I have started using this tool on those days.

I adapted this from tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique. If you do not know what that is and are interested, I can do a tutorial on a blog post for you. Let me know in the comments. But the simple idea is that energy is flowing along different meridians, or energy lines, in the body. And that energy can get stuck or stagnant on these meridians. So tapping uses the fingertips (which contain many of these meridians) on various points of the body and verbal phrases to "unstuck" this energy. 

Now, the exercise I use is not official tapping, mostly because in the middle of these appointments, it would feel a bit distracting to do the tapping sequence all over points of my body! So instead, I tap my fingertips together by tapping the pad of my thumb on the pad of my pinky, then my fourth finger, then middle finger and lastly on the index finger. I tap at least 3-4 times on each finger and move on to the next and keep going in this sequence. In this way, I feel like I am at least stimulating energy points. Because believe me, while these doctors are talking, my energy is prone to getting VERY clogged with fear, anxiety, grief and sadness. 

Alright, back to the exercise! So, I tap my fingers in this way as I say a phrase to myself. I have a couple for this particular situation but the phrase may change for you and definitely changes for me depending on what kind of difficult day I am having. I happen to use a four word phrase, so one word for each finger. 

These were mine yesterday:


Love-For-You(my son)-Unconditionally

So, can you picture it? I say each word as I tap on each finger a few times and so on. In this way, I take all of those challenging emotions starting to ball up inside me and gently nurture them to stay lean and long in a way. Meaning I am not trying to take away my emotions. They are real. But I don't want them to get so balled up and hard that I cannot move forward and function. I want them to exist alongside the other ones, gratitude, love, acceptance, and joy. And there is no way for them all to co-exist if you are only focusing on one kind of emotion if that makes sense. 

Also, they help remind me of other truths other than the ones the doctors are saying. I am not denying their truths but I can also express gratitude that this is my life. I can avow my love for my son in the midst of all this. And believe me, I have been through enough of these days to know that not doing it makes this day much much harder. 

Anyway, I am not selling you this technique, just sharing it lovingly. There are no risky side effects. No harm in trying. So next time you are in a difficult situation, give your energy some balance. Find your phrases. Stimulate your energy points. Actual tapping techniques can be powerful but this simple adaptation is one that can serve you well. 

Live well,