You will want to be a morning person after this


I am one of those people who would always say, "I am NOT a morning person." No way, no how. Give me a chance to sleep in anytime. I still find my second, third and every wind in the dark hours of the night, it's my time to get going. So when I started to shift my being to a "morning person," I fought it kicking and screaming. But I had no choice. I was a medical resident working all hours. I became a mom with young children. Three children under the age of 5 will pretty much ravage your every dream of sleeping in! And when I do get the chance to sleep, I relish it. But now I even find myself on the mornings I have the choice to sleep a bit, waking very early to meditate, be outside or do yoga...And now I can safely say this whole concept of being or not being a "morning person" is one we need to shed. There are good reasons we all need to embrace the morning. 

For one, it amazes me that I actually resisted the morning. Really? The morning? The first engagement with this ONE day we have? Think about it! The morning is the wondrous time that we start over. Our everlasting second chance at a new day. It is the time we can express gratitude that we are here to do it all over again. Today is all and everything we have. So even accepting and embracing the morning is an act of gratitude when we don't overtly say it.

Start greeting the morning with a smile and wonder and your false reality of not being a morning person will dissolve. 

The morning is when we have the chance to set the tone for our whole day. Think about it. When you start the morning with chaos and hectic-ness, your day feels frazzled. When you ease into your morning, you can carry that calm through the day. How about tomorrow morning instead of snoozing until the last minute, you get up just 15-20 minutes earlier? How about you gift yourself the act of stepping lightly into your morning instead of plowing into it? This might make your dream of being a morning person come more alive. Maybe you take 3-5 minutes of deep breathing. Maybe a long, luxurious cup of tea/coffee while gazing outside. Maybe just consciously walking slower through the house to get ready. 

Start the morning with calm.

If you greet the morning with gentle wonder, it will love you back the same way.

And possibly the most important reason to embrace the morning is one that may be the hardest to understand. You may have heard from meditation teachers that morning is a good time to establish a practice. The truth is that almost every mystical tradition offers the teaching that the morning, and especially the early morning, is a sacred time; the time of the Divine, it is even called. Now, I am not going to pretend to be able to explain this as well as learned mystics but let me try to distill the most accessible part of this teaching. (The truth is that sometimes we then just need to take a leap of faith to believe that there is power in these teachings and forget trying to apply human reasoning to it.) The morning, and particularly the early morning, is a time when the Divine or God or however you term it is most easily called upon in all of us. One thought is that we do not have the pull of all of the mind energies around us because the morning is more still and those energies are more dormant. Think about it. The morning is a time when most of the world around us is still asleep or lightly awakening. There is no hustle and bustle. Not as much energy around us. And all energies affect us. We have the opportunity to just be without the influence of all that moves around us. So to get some of the secret sauce of bliss that meditation/focus/mindfulness can give us, the morning is the exquisite time to practice and to learn. 

When you start to understand that the morning is sacred, you feel only sacred energy surrounding you in the stillness of the early hours. 

Once you see/feel it, you cannot unsee it. 
Open your eyes and give it a try.

The morning and all that it offers is here for you. Next time, you say, "I am not a morning person," think about that. Is it really true? Have you given the morning a chance? It is there waiting for you to welcome it in.

Live well,



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