Your life is waiting for you today...greet it with gratitude


I was struck by a powerful statement in our Facebook Gratitude Community (By the way, if you haven't joined our community, it may be time to come on over!)

A member shared about her recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, no small discovery. And then she expressed stunning gratitude for so much including her life as it is.

This, my friends, is true open-hearted living. Members expressed their appreciation for her sharing and rightfully so, for her courage.

One woman said it was a reminder for her that we always have time for gratitude and then she said something that resonated for me deeply. She stated her intention to re-prioritize her practice,"...not tomorrow, but today." 

Go ahead and read that last part twice. Really let it sink in. 



Gratitude isn't something we only look BACK on our lives with. 
Gratitude is a way we see things every darn day. 

Gratitude is the way FORWARD.

What you have in front of you, right now, no matter what it is, is your one, beautiful life. 

Resisting it, fighting it, wanting it to be different, doesn't bring joy. 

Riding the flow of your beautiful life brings ease.

Loving whatever comes to you brings joy.

Even if you want to or can change your life, you CANNOT do it with resistance. First, look at your day, find all the beauty, especially the beauty hiding in all the crevices of darkness. Look at all of it. Say thank you for it. 

Not only will you notice beauty that went hidden before. You will also realize the ugly parts held gems of light you could not see.

Start today.

Not tomorrow, but today.

Start small. Start big. But just start. 

Start with writing down your gratitude every night. Or every morning. 

Start by sharing that with a friend or loved one.

Start by joining our community for support and encouragement.

Start by sitting in your challenges, taking. deep breath, and saying Thank you to this life for all it has and will teach you.

Start Today, not tomorrow.

The absolute best thing about this community for me is the teaching I receive every day. It serves as a gentle but firm reminder that we all need this. And we can all do this. To those two women, I say Thank You. For showing up. For living your one life so beautifully. And for being my teachers.

And if you want more of this good juju in your life, you can download my free, simple guide to joy, 5 Tickets to Transformation. Enjoy!

Live well,

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